" The most important step is the first one. "

" To go far away, start closer. " 


Jiddu Krishnamurti


Anatole Menichetti

Anatole Menichetti

Young entrepreneur passionated by IT and Epitech’s student, I realize as a freelance your softwares and websites projects with creativity, thoroughness and professionalism.


To properly understand your project, and work together with full confidence, I first propose a structural & functional mock-up, and then a graphic mock-up, always listening to your goals.

The development phase begins once you validated both mockups.


Your website or desktop, mobile or web software is developed simply and quickly by meeting all your expectations.

Optimized for any browser or platform, my software and websites are completely responsive.


Once we reached our goal, you have all the necessary means to simply interact with website or software’s content and SEO.

Websites’ SEO on search engines and social networks is well optimized during development.

Anatole Menichetti

Anatole Menichetti

Anatole Menichetti


Born in may 1995, swiss and french nationalities, I live in Paris.

For a long time, I was divided between biology, medicine and programming, but after two internships at the Pasteur Institute and a scientific baccalaureate (BAC S), I chose a graduate study program combining the opportunities to work in these areas and my passion, IT.

I joined Epitech in 2013, programming school which proposes a 5 years training and delivers an Expert in Information Technology degree. If I chose this school, it's because of its unusual pedagogy. Indeed, because of the IT domain constant evolution, Epitech taught me how to learn quickly and thoroughly by myself rather than by cumulating knowledge in standard languages too quickly obsolete.

An Artist's son, I am curious and perfectionist and I see in programming both a game and an art. That's why I am so harsh and invested in my work and the reason I attach so much significance to creation and aestheticism.

Every expertise experienced until today allowed me to launch my own projects and to meet customers' demands as a freelance.

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