Game Experiences

I started programmation with a goal: create my own video games projects. During my studies at Epitech, I dedicated almost all my time to my school projects and web developer prestations (to pay Epitech), trying to perfect and customize them so I did not find a lot of time to work on side projects.
During my third year, I started the development of a smalls mobile game for hackatons or side projects but never finished them.
Then during my studying year at Keimyung University, I worked on four games, mostly about level design. Actually in my second semester at Keimyung, I try to use my spare time to optimize and develop those concepts.

These projects are downloadable on my GitHub but you can have an overview of them just below. You can also check some of the 3D models if designed during my first semester at Keimyung.
For informations about my Epitech game projects or about Reborn, my graduating project, please check the corresponding posts.