Reborn is an Epitech Innovative Project (2 years graduation project) that I am developing with 9 classmates.
It is an open world MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Role Player Game) that we describe as “evolutive”: our players will be able to evolve continuously but most of all, the universe will evolve according to the players evolution. Their actions will have long-term impact on the world which will then be more permutable and we hope, less boring that many games of the same genre.
A beta version of Reborn should be accessible on January 2018.

As the art and creative director of Reborn, I try to create an uniform identity for the whole project. Because of the composition of the team (almost only programming skills) I also work as the only graphic designer.


Enjoy a first try for the Reborn trailer. It style needs a complete renewal of its subtitles, the add of external voices as well as a new music and improve its montage but it is a first try that I made alone in dew days. It is not even really a trailer because it is introducing the whole storyline and have a long duration.

Gameplay Go-through (alpha version)
watch from 25:05 

Here is a demo of the gameplay developed for the alpha version of the MMORPG Reborn. Please start watching at 25:05 to have an overview of the main work we did. I advise to turn off the sound because this video comes from our alpha follow up.
My work was mainly graphics and design : modelling all the spaceship (inside area and outside), designing and implementing the outside area or open world (all the natural assets are from external sources) as well as the UI.

Selfmade 3D Graphics

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Reborn logo