Anatole Menichetti - developer
20 years old - nationality french and swiss - car driving license

I am passionated about IT and particularly by programming. It allows me to be involved, rigorous, curious, creative, persistent and dynamic.
Also, my experiences have made me someone calm, careful, ambitious, independent and law.


since September 2015

Internship at Ich&Kar
web & iOS developer & designer

2013 - 2014

Volunteer at ZupDeCo association
college student tutor

promotion 2018

Epitech PARIS' student
Master training, IT Expert degree

promotion 2013

Scientific baccalaureate
physics and chemistry specialty

Practicing meditation, aikido and yoga helped me to find the spiritual and physical calm.
With this, I can move without the weight of the past and look at my work from different angles when I am facing a problem.
When this is not enough and that my mind is overcrowded, I make a run to clear my mind.

Furthermore, the practice of climbing and skiing taught me to exceed my limits, learn to stay calm and give even more during critical moments in order to overcome any situation.

Moreover, I always loved drawing, cooking and pastry. I see it as an art form that allows me to develop my creativity.

Finally, I love to listen or to play music. Just as literature and cinema, it is for me an easy way to escape but also to be inspired by diving into another world.




Two years of intense learning at Epitech, 18 big projects & more than 20 mini-projects. Elementary & UNIX systems programming. Look at my references for specifications.


One year of intense learning at Epitech, 4 big projects & more than 10 mini-projects. Look at my references for specifications.


Basic notions ; 1 Windows 10 application and basics of Unity development. Could learn deeply if needed.

Swift & Xcode

2 internships at Ich&Kar, 1 iOS application soon on the store, many training projects, 1 year experience.

Java & Android Studio

7 websites, actually developing an Android application, learning intensively at Epitech.


Three years studying at Epitech - on more than 50 projects, almost every one needed a parser - one week of intense training with python & pyrser.


Design of 1 mobile application and of 2 softwares, learning at Epitech.


An IA developed with python, one week of intense learning at Epitech.


Basic notions only ; 1 simple game realized for a hackathon.

Unreal Engine 4

For the moment basic notions only ; working on a next-gen game as project graduation.


3 years experience.


7 websites, 2 internships at Ich&Kar.


7 websites, 2 internships at Ich&Kar, learned MySQL at Epitech.


7 websites SEO optimization on search engines and social networks.

Illustrator & Photoshop

2 internships at Ich&Kar, 7 websites & 1 mobile application design.

Project management

Three years studying at Epitech, more than 50 teams projects, 2 internships at Ich&Kar leading 8 projects.

Customers relationship

7 customers for 7 websites developed as a freelance, 2 internships at Ich&Kar (projects & customers management).


native language.


Superior operational mastery , 12 years studying, many trips abroad, TOEIC Epitech 865, training for official TOEFL.


5 years studying and some basics.

Written expression

11 websites documentations redaction, 3 years studying written expression at Epitech by simulating some professional redactions (clients & coworkers management...).